Reasons for Assisted Care

Why you need assisted care from Health Source One Private Duty & Staffing:

Some changes in your health may require you to get assistance from a professional. This ensures that you receive continuous care and attention to preserve your health.

Private Duty Care is ideal for your health situation if:

  • You are returning home from the hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home
  • Your physician has a New Diagnosis for your health condition
  • You have Chronic Conditions such as a bad heart, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer
  • You are taking new medications, including injectable such as insulin that may need to be administered by a nurse
  • You are taking multiple medications that can at times be difficult to manage
  • You need a nurse to take care of your wounds, tubes, drains and administer special treatments
  • You have depression, anxiety or any behavioral health issues
  • You need assistance with your rehabilitation, equipment, home safety and mobility